Privacy Policy

iMacLand comprehends and recognizes the necessity of the privacy policy of its visitors. In order to keep you updated for our privacy policies, quite a few approaches we used to have in our policy including the objective and use of personal data, and describing the ways of collecting of such information and facts. Without informing to the users iMacLand will not collect the personal information of the users. Yet the visitors who visited us are not eligible to disclose their own private information.

In other case iMacLand will require the essential information to provide extra features of full access to its users. We are only allowing users to passing out their private information when intending to build any communal group, conduct demographic analysis or surveys.  We take necessary precautions to keep safe and secure data and informational cookies of our users; however the informative data and facts collected while registrations of members are highly secured with us. iMacLand is sanctuary conscious of its fans rather if any severe case is happened like unintentional disclosures, estrangement of security or any tampering of users data.

Third Party Advertising

iMacLand can allow third parties to display their ads on our website and they are entitled to use visitors or members, user’s information like IP address, name, contact number and email id. These ads are depicting their products and services in which you may have your interest. However iMacLand promises to reduce the usage of such information which is very exquisite for us and build a sturdy follow up with advertising or Third Party Company and get a legitimate assurance of security of visitors/members data.

Third Party Cookies

In-case of serving third party’s advertisement on iMacLand, these companies are allowed to place or preserve the cookies generated from user’s IP address on browser. At such stance we are also guaranteed for critical security measures.

Children Privacy Policy– As per COPA

iMacLand is usually targeting the young age group since they’re well-engrossed for Apple Products, therefore the kids under age 13 can use our website but not without consent of their parents since we respect a lot for parental grants. It is recommended for adult audience to use our membership registration to let us be isolated wholly about them, as well as they can fully participate in all activities of websites like lucky draws, surveys and questioners. They are not allowed to remain anonymous on this website. According the COPA act (Child Online Protection Act 1998) doesn’t allow us to keep data or information of a child under age 13 without having permission of their parents.